Book Review: Into the Undercastle (The Shadow Arcanist Trilogy #1) by Alexander Dawnrider

Book Details:

Author: Alexander Dawnrider
Release Date: 
31st January 2022
Series: The Shadow Arcanist (Book #1)
Genre: Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy
Format: E-book 
Pages: 406 pages
Publisher: Dawnrider Press
A kingdom in peril. A forbidden stronghold. An unimaginable horror.
For centuries, the northern kingdom has faced constant attacks from hostile creatures in the surrounding wilderness. The population has dwindled to a few hundred, and an army of savage humanoids threatens to wipe Talidith out forever.

Their only hope is the Undercastle, a subterranean fortress built long ago to protect the people during an invasion. But it has been sealed by a mad king, and entry is punishable by death.
The young fisherman Aedan, along with his father, must retreat with the rest of the population to the Undercastle to wait out the invasion, hoping for help from the outside. But when their presence releases an evil from another realm, it threatens to destroy not only what is left of Talidith, but the entire world.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Into The Undercastle by Alexander Dawnrider is the first book in the epic fantasy series, The Shadow Arcanist.

I absolutely loved this book; right from brilliant concept and great plotting to amazing characterisation and heart-thumping tension, this book had everything that I had expected from it and more! The storyline is superb and keeps one engaged with its various twists and turns the whole time. I am now eagerly awaiting the release of the second book in this series (and then the next one!) as I cannot wait to see what happens after the ending!

I will strongly recommend this book to all fantasy readers as this book has so much going for it. This amazing book will definitely entertain and engage you right from the beginning to the very end!

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