How To Get Your Kids To Reduce Screen Time

With new technology everywhere, it’s hard not to watch TV constantly, play video games, or be on an iPad, laptop, or some other device that keeps you distracted from life. This is especially true for children.

Our youth today seem to miss out on their childhood because they are constantly in front of a screen.

Fortunately, there are ways to get your kids out of the Metaverse and into real life again. Reducing screen time and increasing your child’s interactions with other children, you, and their family will benefit them in the long run. Here are ways to get your child to interact more:


Playing games that don’t require a controller is a great way to reduce your child’s screen time and increase your interactions with them. You can literally do anything with your child. As long as you make it fun, they won’t be able to tell the difference!


Teaching your child something new and getting them excited about something else other than technological devices can decrease their screen time.

When your child develops new skills, it’ll not only keep them distracted and away from electronics, but it will also benefit them in the future.

Also, teaching them new skills, like how to cook, paint, or play a new sport, can increase cognitive function, ignite new interests, and intensify your bond with them.


Another way to help your child interact with life more is by teaching them how to focus better. These skills will not only help them interact with something other than electronics, they will help them succeed better at school and possibly work when they become adults.


One thing some parents do to reduce their child’s screen time is by setting limits on how much time they can watch TV, play video games, or use social media.

You can limit your child’s screen time by using that time as a reward instead of a privilege. If your child does something good and you want to reward them, give them a set amount of screen time. For example, 30 minutes of TV time or 15 minutes of computer time.

Some of the best ways to learn new parenting tips is from a blog for parents. Reading different blogs specifically written for parents can generate new ideas, and even help you as a parent.

There are other parents that can relate to your situation. When difficulties arise with your child, it’s a little easier to handle if you feel like someone understands what your going through.

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