Book Review: The Women in Me: How They Helped Me Survive and Thrive by Nancy Maloney-Mercado & Jackie J O’Donnell

Book Details:

Author: Nancy Maloney-Mercado & Jackie J O’Donnell 
Release Date: 
6th December 2022
Genre: Memoir, Inspirational
Format: E-book 
Pages: 166
Publisher: Sunflower Press
Are you caring for your chronically ill husband? Did you grow up with suicidal, alcoholic parents? Are you searching for a loving relationship? Have your efforts at starting a fulfilling career been thwarted by someone determined to hold you back? Maybe you’ve postponed your own dreams in order to keep from making waves with a significant other. Does your life seem to be heading a long wat from where you’d wish it to be? Any of these can steal your happiness or keep you from achieving your potential. All can crush your hopes and dreams.This is the story of a woman who grew up in a dysfunctional family, was trapped by a predator at age 8, was suffocated by an abusive marriage, grappled with being a single mother, finally found her soulmate, struggled with a blended family, juggled the incompatible roles of wife and caregiver, yet maintained her faith, at least most of the time. She did it thanks to some special women who supported her in ways she didn’t recognize until she unconsciously drew upon their influence. We hope you’ll learn to call on the influencers in our own life. Possibly you’ve drawn on them in your past and can now appreciate their impact on you.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Women in Me: How They Helped Me Survive and Thrive by Nancy Maloney-Mercado & Jackie J O’Donnell is a beautifully written inspirational memoir that is extremely thought-provoking and very emotional.

The author’s writing is very simple, yet speaks straight to the reader’s heart. The author’s struggles are extremely relatable and one cannot help but feel drawn into the book right from the beginning, finding themselves rooting for the author and even the other characters in the book.

All women should read this beautifully written work by two new authors as it strongly resonates with the problems faced by women. This book can provide equal enjoyment for men, too. I would strongly recommend it to readers of women’s fiction and to those who like reading inspirational memoirs.

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