Book Review: Creatrix of Strife by DC Allen

Book Details:

Author: DC Allen
Release Date: 
11th March 2021
Genre: Science-Fiction, Speculative Fiction
Format: E-book 
Pages: 128 pages
Publisher: Demodocus Publishing LLC
“Stand in Hell, But Reach For Heaven.”
Rekha is a Disciple of Obcasus: science-worshiping zealots who live deep beneath a poisonous volcano and await the sign to arise and conquer the world. While her fellow Disciples are content to recite violent oaths and practice a form of combat based on instantaneous genetic modifications, Rekha is consumed with doubts. After she instigates a mêlée that goes horribly awry, she is cast out. Now separated from the only life she knows, the young heretic stumbles into the heart of a mystery seven generations in the making, and the reckoning that follows. If the Obcasian Death Cult’s apocalyptic dogma is true, what comes next?

CREATRIX OF STRIFE is a literary anthem realized in lyrical, mind-bending, and brutal prose. Set in an arcane, minutely detailed world where troglodytic saints weaponize their own DNA and the main defense against volcanic death is a massive clockwork defense system, Rekha’s tale is a thrilling science fiction adventure, but also the account of an outcast channeling her frustration into strength and finding purpose in a storm of uncertainty.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Creatrix Of Strife by DC Allen is a powerfully-written and amazingly gripping new science-fiction novel about gene modification, science-worshipping zealots and DNA weaponisation against volcanic death – all this and so much MORE!

This book started on a high note and, thankfully, kept up with it all throughout the story till the very end. I enjoyed reading it because of the level of detailing of the word-building, realistically developed characters, especially that of Rekha, and some other secondary characters who added a lot of emotional depth to the main and sub-plots of the story and the flow of the writing which made reading this book a quick and fun experience.

Overall this book had a lot of elements that kept me hooked right from the start to the very last page! It has an amazing concept, a very engaging and entertaining storyline and a well-developed and excellently executed plot. Overall this book has a lot to offer to its readers (ages 14+) and I would strongly recommend it to everyone who likes reading science-fiction and speculative fiction genres.

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