Book Review: H2LiftShips: Bosons Wave by Bob Freeman

Book Details:

Author: Bob Freeman
Release Date: 
3rd August 2022
Series: H2LiftShips (Book #3)
Genre: Science-Fiction
Format: E-book 
Pages: 326 pages
Publisher: Indies United Publishing House, LLC
We’ve tried to make a nice, friendly Space Opera.
Sure it has passive-aggressive families, gambling, cheating, and double-dealing, but nice. Still, watch your back.
SolarSail Cargo ships travel between the populated asteroids and Goldilocks Core.
And now HiveMother at the Heliopause and the HiveSisters in the Heliotail are fighting.
It may turn into a full-fledged bioGel War.

The Solar Sail crew of BosonsWave and Captain Herb, an Eastern mountain gorilla in the Heliospheric Navy, are fighting the algae rocket ships for control of the bioGels.
On one side, we have tools and weapons invented by the sentients after eons of development: bioGel laser rifles, HAM radios, ship-to-ship bolas, nuclear bombs, biological weapons, and a tomato surprise.
On the other side, accumulations of brainless algae have joined with angry bioGel computers calling the shots.
Captain Graciela, her crew, and the Heliospheric Navy have a battle on their hands.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

H2LiftShip: Bosons Wave by Bob Freeman is the third book in the H2LiftShip series and a sequel to H2LiftShips: A Back Story. In this part, the last part of the trilogy, most of everything comes together providing the readers with a coherent and a much-needed respite-full ending.

The writing was much better in this book and the world-building went up a notch as did the characterisation as well as pretty much every other aspect. I am now really looking forward to exploring other titles by the author in the near future.

I enjoyed this book a lot, and this series, on the whole too, and would definitely recommend it to all science-fiction readers and to sci-fi-fantasy readers too.

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