5 Tips To Make A Great First Impression With New Clients

“First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.”
– Elliott Abrams

When it comes to making a sale and developing long-lasting relationships with your clients, one must make sure to present their best self to create not only an impressive but also impactful first impression. Your first impression of a client will most likely be the deciding factor whether the client chooses to go ahead with you or your business or company or not. And as you already know, this choice would be detrimental to your as well as your business/company’s growth.

But how can one make sure to put the right foot forward when it comes to making a great and long-lasting first impression with new clients? Read on to find out my 5 tips to make a great first impression with new clients.

5 Tips To Make A Great First Impression With New Clients

1. Research Your Client In Advance

A little research on who your client is and what their general business model or style is will help you figure will go a long way. It will not only give you an advantageous starting point but will also help you in steering the conversation in the right (or fruitful) direction. Spending some time in finding out about your clients’ needs will help you in presenting yourself in a better way because you will already know what is it that they are seeking. New clients welcome eager candidates and always appreciate the work you will put into the research.

2. Be Punctual

Never be late for a meeting! Ever! This is the unspoken rule of any client meeting, new or old. If you are late to your first meeting with a new client the message that you send across is that you are unreliable and that is never a good way to start off a meeting with someone who can cost your business. So always be on time, better yes, be 10 minutes early. Spend that time going over your notes for the meeting and giving your client research a quick once over. You can also use this time to calm your nerves by doing some breathing exercises as it will help you put forward a relaxed posture.

3. Be Polite

Always be polite; not too over-friendly and loud or too reserved and intimidating. Try to develop a cozy rapport with your client and a smooth rhythm that will instantly put your client at ease. This will be very crucial as the first 5 minutes of the meeting will set the tone for the rest of it. So make sure you are polite and greet them with the required curtesy, a firm handshake and a confident smile on your face.

4. Be A Good Listener

Don’t just talk, give your client enough time to share their ideas, vision and goals with you. Try to understand what they say and go ahead according to what they tell you. After sharing the details of your proposal always give enough time to and encourage your client for asking questions or doubts they may have regarding your presentation. Listen to those concerns and try your best to answer their queries with as much assurance as you can. This will give your client the much-needed confidence to go ahead with you or your business thinking that your customer service will be reliable.

5. Focus On Your Body Language

Be relaxed yet attentive. Smile and nod often. Don’t come off as either too eager to please the client or too off-putting. You have to maintain a straight-backed yet forthcoming posture, letting the client feel relaxed and comfortable in your company. The client needs to feel at ease while talking to you and should be able to trust you and what you are trying to see (whether it is a product or a service or an idea.)

So these are the ways in which you can make a great first impression with new clients. If you have any more tips or some experiences related to this then feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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