Book Review: Loving Ordinary Life by Anastasia Petrenko

[scroll-box]Author: Anastasia Petrenko
Release Date: 12th October 2017
Genre: Self-Help
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 94
Publisher: Identity Publications
Loving Ordinary Life is written for us: living, emotional people.
We all want to live a happy life, but we can easily fall into a state of despondency. We prefer to smile, but more often we frown.
We like being inspired, but most likely, we can’t recall the last time when we were.
There are many books and courses about self-motivation and inspiration. You might have heard hundreds of platitudes and affirmations. Each of them sounds valid but their utility is limited when you actually find yourself stuck in a pit of pain and despair.
Loving Ordinary Life is meant to make a functional difference. It’s not a treatment for depression. It is about living a life where depression has no place.
Loving Ordinary Life is your guide. It is designed so that you can open any page and find the inspiration to act and improve your life when you’re feeling down.
Each chapter in Loving Ordinary Life is a tool for moving from a negative idle state to a positive proactive state. It displays to you the art of being present, free, and genuine every day.
If you want to be more fulfilled and enjoy life more, if you’re open to quality changes, Loving Ordinary Life will become your loyal companion.
Everything is within your power. You are the master of your life. How you experience it depends only on you. Take the lead.[/scroll-box]



Living Ordinary Life by Anastasia Petrenko is a light-hearted self-help book which is both quick to read and easy to digest.

Though the message tried to convey in this book is nothing different from the other gazillion self-help books, this book wins on the aesthetics part. I loved the basic design of the book, the vibrant yet soft colours used and the quirky fonts and illustrations. It is a fairly quick read, I read it under an hour, so it doesn’t go on for ages like other self-help books. That’s another plus, at least for me.

I’d recommend this book to the genre lovers and to those who need a positive little guide to uplift their spirits and make them feel better about life in general.

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