Book Review: Enchanted (Donovan Legacy #4)


Author: Nora Roberts

Release Date: April 1, 2009

Series: Donovan Legacy

Genre: Paranormal| Romance | Fiction | Contemporary

Pages: 331ISBN NO.: 978-0-263-87514-0

Publisher: Penguin India

Preceded by: Charmed (Donovan Legacy #3)


Rowan Murray needed the space to make an important choice, so she ran to a cabin on the wild coast of Oregon. But her new house was isolated, and Rowan was a woman alone. Hiking in the woods one day, Rowan’s solitude was threatened by an encounter with a stranger. Liam Donovan was mysterious, temperamental, frightening – and Rowan’s nearest neighbour. In a terrifying storm, with the power out in her tiny cabin, Rowan desperately needed help. When Liam arrived just in time, she had no choice but to accept his aid. Rowan would have to trust an enigmatic stranger with her whole future.



The best thing about Nora Roberts’s books is that all the sweet and magical romance makes you forget all your tensions. Well atleast they do this for me! I liked this one a lot because it was different, firstly the lead male-witch, Liam, was a shape-shifter and second the female lead, Rowan, was also a witch, coming from a family of a long-forgotten but a real one!

Rowan as a character was brilliant and successfully flaunted the stuff women go through atleast once in a lifetime like confused, vulnerable, burdened and on the tricky edge to make a life-changing decision. On the other hand, Liam is a typical egoistic and arrogant male character with “I-take-all-the-f***ing-decisions” attitude. He behaves snobbishly and keeps throwing the excuse-ball of responsibility on everyone’s face.  I guess I’ve made it quite clear that I really didn’t like Liam but trust me it didn’t ruin my reading experience because at the end Rowan had the nerves to ask Liam to literally beg and confess his love. That douche-bag really deserved it! That little moment literally made up for everything!

I liked the angle of a Rowan’s grandmother’s forgotten legacy. After reading Captivated, Entranced and Charmed, loosely based on the same concept, except for all the different styles of love-making 😉 , this one was totally different.

The writing was simple and the plot was interesting. If you’ve read the other books from the series then you’ll be happy to know that in this book we get to meet Morgana’s, Ana’s and Sebastian’s families as well. It really felt good to read about all the cousins again, as over the first three reads, one really develops a relation with the leads.

You can also read this review at Goodreads.

 Other Stuff

Opening Line: “Dark as the night and fleet of foot, the wolf raced under a hunter’s moon. ”

Highlights: Different storyline.

Low-lights: Liam’s behaviour!

Quotes: “She sighed once, wishing she had a talent for the details of telling stories. She wasn’t bad at themes, she mused, but she could never figure out how to turn a theme into an engaging tale.”

Memorable paragraph:

““I was your lover Liam, but never your partner. I won’t settle for that, not even for you. You had my heart in your hands, and you didn’t know what to do with it. I can tell you, without the crystal ball, without the gift, you will never have another like it.””

Final Thoughts: A good book to conclude The Donovan Legacy.

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