New Look Of The Reading Bud

Hi everyone!

I changed my blog’s look again! lol! It’s gets really confusing whenever I try to freshen up TRB’s look. There are so many great themes, but the only thing that stops me is my choosy attitude.

I’m thinking of buying a theme but I have no clear idea what it should look like. That’s the reason I keep changing the blog design. I know, it can be a bit irritating to visit TRB in a week and find the entire look changed. But please bare with me for some more time as I’m getting very close to the permanent look for TRB.

I gues the Eighties theme is going to be the base for TRB’s new look, as I really like it. What impresses me is the idea of only main content’s display on the pages without the sidebars eating up precious space. The menu is not visible normally, but it doesn’t really matter when it’s just a click away!

These are my new star designs (I designed them this morning itself!):








I really like them and the they stand out quite well on the light background 🙂

Also the new logo for TRB is below-The Reading Bud LogoWhat do you think about all the new stuff?

Please feel free to share your thoughts, I’ll be more than happy to know 😀

6 thoughts on “New Look Of The Reading Bud

  1. It is good to change and check. Personally, I am not very happy with this theme.
    If you like to experiment, you may check mine. I am quite happy with it.
    I will not suggest you to buy paid theme.
    Rest your choice and will be good if you follow your heart.

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  2. I think that change is good, Heena. I’m always changing the look of my blog. I think think that it keeps things interesting for the readers if the ‘look’ is changed once in a while.

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  3. I like the new look. I changed mine last night! I like how it looks now. Will probably stick with this until next year. WordPress has too many interesting themes . . . . so many to choose from!

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    1. Thanks Rabindra!
      I can’t wait to see the new look of your blog (I’m heading to your space just after getting this comment done. lol!)
      And I agree,WordPress does have a lot of interesting themes. That’s one of the reasons I prefer WordPress over other platforms!


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