Book Review: Daring To Dream


Nora Roberts
Nora Roberts
Author: Nora Roberts
Release Date: 1996
Series: Dream Trilogy #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance and Fiction 
Pages: 366
ISBN NO.: 978-0-515-11920-6
Publisher: Jove Books
Followed By: Holding The Dream


Margo, Kate and Laura were brought up like sisters amidst the peerless grandeur of Templeton House. But it was Margo whose dreams first took her far away .

Margo Sullivan had everything a young woman could ask for. But while growing up along the rocky cliffs of Monterey, she couldn’t help but dream of bigger things. The daughter of the Templeton’s stern Irish housekeeper, Margo had been treated like a member of the family. Deep down, she knew that money could not but the thing she craved most — her mother’s acceptance. 

Maybe things would be different if she could be sweet like Laura — or had Kate’s shrewd head for business. But all Margo knew how to do was be Margo, and that meant doing things her own way — no matter what the consequences . 



4I absolutely loved the book and most of all Margo (the main character). After reading just a few pages, I realised that I’ve already developed a bond with her and the other 2 female leads (Laura and Kate), which will lead me effortlessly and happily through the rest of the series.

Daring To Dream is about Margo’s journey, going though life-changing ups and downs and how she emerges out of everything stronger and more confident than ever. She takes life head-on and faces the worst situations with a lot of courage.

In this adventurous journey, Laura and Kate play a very important role and reminds the reader that true friendships never die. It’s a classic tale of loyalty, family-love, truest of friendships and passionate love. It’s all a reader like me can ask for!

I wanted to give it 5-star rating but I cut down on 1 star just because of Joshua (Margo’s lover). He seemed a bit too desperate at times. It left me wondering whether I’m reading a cont. romance or erotica!

Well other than that, I loved the book from start to end and I’ve already got the next book and I’m really looking forward to reading it.

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Other Stuff

Opening Line: “He was never coming back.”

Highlights: Portrayal of stronger side of women. 

Low-lights: Josh being always horny!

Final Thoughts: A must read!


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