Book Review: The Other Side Of Midnight


Sidney Sheldon
Sidney Sheldon

Author: Sidney Sheldon
Release Date: 1973
Genre: Thriller | Mystery | Romance
Pages: 462
ISBN NO.: 0-446-35740-5
Publisher: Warner Books
Followed By: Memories Of Midnight


In Paris… Washington… and a fabulous villa in Greece, an innocent American girl becomes a bewildered, horror-stricken pawn in a game of vengeance and betrayal. She is Catherine Douglas, a women caught in a web of four lives intertwined by  passion as her handsome husband pursues an incredibly beautiful film star… And as Constantin Demeris, a legendary Greek tycoon, tightens the strands that control them all.


5Brilliant read. Completely astonishing and mind-blowing! I love all of Sidney Sheldon’s book and this one’s a favourite. An amazing story of beautiful and powerfully wealthy people. Loved the end and absolutely loved the part of Constantin Demeris. Absolutely engaging.

This book is all about Noel. A beautiful young girl who was sexually exploited in her childhood by her father and later sold to a guy who also exploited her sexually. Finally she runs away and then meets Larry Douglas, our hero. He breaks her trust and leaves her pregnant with his child (but he actually didn’t know about it). That’s where the main story begins. Noel kills his child and starts her journey to destroy Larry’s life and have her revenge. But situations take unexpected turn and that’s the twist you really want to read the book for!

I will recommend it to everyone as it has almost all the elements a novel can has, true love, hate, betrayal, revenge, justice and more.

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Other Stuff

Opening Line: “Through the dusty wind-shield of his car Chief of Police Georgios Skouri watched the office buildings and hotels of down-town Athens collapse in a slow dance of disintegration, one after the other like rows of giants pins in some cosmic bowling alley.”

Highlights: Sidney Sheldon 😉

Low-lights: None.

Memorable Paragraph:

“My family was very poor. My father was a stevedore. There were fourteen children, and we had to fight for our bread at the table. I was lucky; I was born with a talent for mathematics. I learned to quickly estimate the odds against me, and then I beat them. Some people encouraged me along the way. Others snubbed or cheated me, but in my heart there is an indelible record of each transaction. We all play God, but some of us are better-equipped for the role than others. You see, where most men go unpunished for the evil they do, I am in a position to make them pay. Call it justice, call it vengeance… it’s all the same. Nor do I believe as it is in the Bible, “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”, but rather, a head for an eye and a heart for a tooth. A simple religion, but once people know that I practise it devoutly, they stay away from my eyes, and far away from my teeth.”

Final Thoughts: Brilliant! A must read.


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