Book Review: From A Distant Star

When Lucas Walker inexplicably recovers from a terminal illness, everyone is astonished --except for his girlfriend Emma, who never gave up hope. However, as friends and family celebrate the miracle, Emma becomes alarmed: Lucas has changed. He speaks haltingly, can't recall past events, and even his own dog doesn't recognize him. Emma begins to suspect something is terribly wrong.

Movie Review: Little Manhattan

Directed by: Mark Levin & Jennifer FlackettStarring: Josh Hutcherson & Charlie RayRelease Date: September 30, 2005 Running Time: 84 minutesLanguage: English Summary (from Movieweb) Gabe (Josh Hutcherson) is an 11 year-old fifth grader, living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with his father (Bradley Whitford) and mother (Cynthia Nixon). Gabe's parents have been separated for a…