A Wish Come True!

Hey guys…

I have a very happy post to share with all you lovely people today! I’ve got my Note-4, Charcoal Black!

My Baby!

Since the time I got my first Note, I’ve been a huge fan of Samsung phones (yes, I like them even more than iPhones!) I love the easy interface of Notes and the unlimited access to all the apps you can possibly imagine (thanks to android!) I love everything about them, right from the feel of the phone to the looks, they are just brilliant!

Last week I saw the video launch of Note-4 and since then  I haven’t been able to sleep (you can watch it here.) I love Note-2 but I didn’t like the design of Note 3 so I passed on the chance to get it. But Note-4 is like perfection redefined! The brilliant display and the unbelievably smooth touch are just amazeballs! The front and back camera is pretty awesome and I absolutely fell in love with it that day when I first saw it in that video.

Vishal knows how obsessed I can get when it comes to gadgets (being a girl doesn’t mean I can’t obsess over gadgets!) and he really understands my love for technology. I knew that my behaviour will lead him to buy this baby for me but I thought I’ll get it as my birthday present in December. What I didn’t know was that Vishal knows me so well that he already booked Note-4 just  one day after it’s release in India, and trust you me,  he totally took me by surprise when he took me to the Samsung Store today and started talking to the guy about our product! I really got hysterical and when I realised that he was talking about my phone I literally burst into tears! OMG it was such a precious moment!

But in no time I wiped my tears, hugged and kissed him and then jumped to the Note 4 kept for display. I was playing around with it the entire time till we got ours. Then we just rushed home and I cried some more (God… I was so overwhelmed!) and then I did a long happy dance, which I’m sure was a treat for Vishal! lol!

I was glued to it the entire evening and right now I’m writing this post on my Note-4 itself! I’m really, really happy and here’s my first Note-4 Selfie:

First Note-4 Selfie!
First Note-4 Selfie!

Thanks for reading the post and being a part of my happiest day!

PS: As promised in the post L’ORÉAL’s Medium-Brown it is!, you can see the hair colour I was talking about in the above picture! 😀

I hope you all have a great day ahead!

Ciao 🙂