Liebster Award

I am very thankful to Aishwarya of My Kitchen Moments for nominating me for Liebster Award. As all of you are well aware, this award means a lot to any blogger. I am truly honored and very grateful! If you haven’t already, please check out her blog; I’m sure you’ll love it. I always look forward to all her delicious and mouthwatering dishes!


For those wondering what “Liebster Award” is… Generated in Germany, this award is a beautiful way of recognizing lesser known blogs. And “Liebster” means, “dearest, beloved, sweetest, nicest, valued” etc.

The rules are simple and as follows:

  1. Thank and link back the person who presented the award to you.
  2. Have the award on your post.
  3. Answer the questions that has been asked.
  4. Award the same to up to ten other upcoming blogs.

Here are my answers :

1. Show us something you like around you or outside your place.

There are quite a lot of things that brighten my heart. Some of them are: my Arabian Jasmine Plant, Jalapeño Plant (and the cute lil’ budding Jalapeños), Palm Plants in my drawing-room, Sun-set from my balcony, etc. I’m more than delighted to share some pictures with you all 🙂

My Arabian Jasmine Babies
My Arabian Jasmine Babies