Book Review: The Race by John Russo

Book Details:

Author: John Russo
Release Date: 
30th September 2021
Genre: Humour, Short Story
Format: E-book 
Pages: 24 pages
The future. What does it hold?
Sadly, no one knows. Well . . . except for Amazon delivery drones.
Imagine a world where your Amazon package reaches you within minutes, instead of days. A world where technology has outsmarted the mailman for the last time.
This is the world in which Johnny and Robert Hesston find themselves.
The problem is, they’re old school. A bit TOO old school. Equip them with the right primitive tools, and things might get out of hand.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Race by John Russo is a hilarious and hearty short story about two brothers that will take you on a quick adventurous ride that you won’t be able to forget for a long time!

I loved this book because the story was great, the characterisation was well done and the execution of the plot was great. The writing was simple to follow and had a nice flow which made it a really quick read. I’d recommend this book to all short story readers and to those who are looking for a new author’s work to explore.

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Book Review: Tiny Yellow Hat by J. Michael Chamberlain

Book Details:

Author: J. Michael Chamberlain
Release Date: 13th April 2019
Genre: Memoir, Non-Fiction, Humor
Format: E-book 
Pages: 202 pages
Publisher: Quinn-Hill Publisher
This wildly entertaining book is laced with wicked concepts, cheap shots and a few bright ideas; a feast of funny words and clever notions without once mentioning vampires or zombies. J. M. Chamberlain created the perfect blend of madcap rants and true life experiences guaranteed to put a never-ending smile on your face. Actually, a never-ending smile might be cause for alarm; if your smile lasts longer than four hours, please call a doctor. In a nutshell, this extraordinary slice of life is almost too good to read, but I suggest reading it anyway. I also suggest telling forty or fifty of your closest friends to read it, because (less)


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Tiny Yellow Hat by J. Michael Chamberlain is a witty, heartfelt memoir that is as entertaining to read as it is relatable.

I enjoyed reading this book because, unlike most memoirs, the author uses his amazing sense of humour to lace even the simplest aspects of life and presents them with so much passion that one can’t help but relate to them while at the same time laughing their butts off. The fact that the author covered topics from his life and career that most people can relate to only adds to the appeal of this surprisingly quick read.

For me, the best part is that the author presented some important life lessons and anecdotes in such a light way that the readers can take away a lot from this book without actually feeling burdened by their weight.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes reading memoirs and enjoys a good dash of humour.

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ARC Review: Winning Streak – Tales and Trivia of the 40 Most Popular Board Games by John-Michael Gariepy

Author: John-Michael Gariepy
Release Date: 13th January 2021
Genre: Humour, Non-Fiction, Games
Format: E-book 
Pages: 196 pages
Publisher: Popcorn Roulette
Did you ever wonder:
♞ What makes Clue the best movie based on a game franchise?
♝ What does the doubling cube in backgammon do?
♜ How trains are even supposed to operate in Ticket to Ride: Antarctica?
♛ How the designer of the board game Pandemic feels now that he’s lived through an actual global pandemic?
♚ Whatever happened to the Monopoly game show from the 90s?

Based on Ranker’s poll of almost 400,000 votes, these games define us. From multiple-award winning masterpieces of the past decade, to indestructible classics still going strong after 5,000 years of play, these are the games you must play before you die. Well, except for Sorry!. That game is a blight upon this list and mankind as a whole. 

Excuse me. What I’m trying to say is that I wrote this book about games, and I thought you might like it.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Winning Streak: Tales and Trivia of the 40 Most Popular Board Games by John-Michael Gariepy is a fun, informative and entertaining read about the most iconic and loved games int he history of games!

This book was deliciously entertaining and I enjoyed reading ever scrap of information this book had to offer. I loved the writing style of the author because it made the book a quick and easy affair and the straightforwardness only made it all the more engaging.

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone because this book contains trivia and fun bits about games we all have played or heard of at some point or another. So do go for it as it an a delightful and quick read!

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Book Review: How the Ə Got Producted: A Love Story by N.K. von S.

Author: N.K. von S.
Release Date: 
Genre: Humour, Sci-fi
Format: E-book 
Pages: 256 pages
A childhood trauma leaves N. yearning for connection and vulnerable to the seductive but damaged Jeremy Sakhdvar, a young product liability attorney with a technology vendetta. Their one-sided relationship ends abruptly when Jeremy marries another woman and runs for elective office. Adrift but resilient, N. mines a series of seemingly random hookups for the raw materials she uses to reinvent herself. N. becomes a prominent lobbyist for the biomedicaltechnology industry and, years later, a top official with the Bureau of

Biomedicaltechnology. Throwing herself into her new position, N. meddles in a plot by a group of antitechnology dissidents to suppress the Ə, a technology that purports to improve human connectedness. The dissidents blow the whistle, provoking an investigation by a U.S. senator and crusading presidential candidate named Jeremy Sakhdvar. Their confrontation pits the regulatory deep state against big tech in a battle to a draw, settles an old romantic score, and clears the way for the Ə to change the world forever.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

How the Ə Got Producted by N.K. von S. is a fun satire read about an independent and passionate female protagonist and is unique in its own right.

This book is very unconventional and for that, I did enjoy reading it. It is the story of a protagonist who is trying to navigate through the difficulties of her one-sided love life while at the same time trying to fight for what she truly believes in, in her professional life. The introduction of Ə makes the story very interesting and the book then takes a turn that is both fun to read and interesting to learn about.

I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to sci-fi reads who don’t mind a romance sub-plot underlined with satire with a streak of feminism.

Book Review: The Great American Jew Novel by Michael Kornbluth

Author: Michael Kornbluth
Release Date: 
Genre: Family Life, Humour
Format: E-book 
Pages: 110 pages

The Great American Jew Novel is a religious based, midlife crisis, reinvention tale, about a 9-year old daughter who becomes her Stay At Home Comedian Dad’s Talent Agent, to ensure he doesn’t give up on making money off his special brand of funny, in his pursuit to make his Do It All Dad Year come true. Along the way, Do it All Dad develops life altering friendships with female members of the Jewy Manhattan Book Club, a Jewish Super Angel, a new age Kosher butcher from Crown Heights and his younger plant based cheese wiz inventor brother, to form the Do It All Dad Hero Kosher Cheesesteak Food Truck, which proves Do It All Dad, isn’t the last self-loving Jewish New Yorker after all.

Book Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Great American Jew Novel by Michael Kornbluth is a heart-warming tale of exploring relationships of a father and daughter, who’s plight is also explored in trying to help her Daddy who is seemingly different from the rest and of friendships that get tested and of finding one’s self.

This is my second book by the author and I loved reading his familiar style of writing which has the quality of touching your heart without being too overdramatic and then smoothing out the potentially heavy emotions with undertones of quality humour. The characterisation was good and I loved reading about even the secondary characters. The overall concept was brilliant and enjoyed reading this book a lot.

Would definitely recommend it to everyone, no matter the genre preference. It is about relationships so I am sure most of the readers will be able to relate to this engaging book.

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Book Review: Controlling My Kids With Comedy, A Love Story by Michael Kornbluth

Author: Michael Kornbluth
Release Date: 13th June 2019
Genre: Satire, Humour
Format: E-book 
Pages: 137 pages
Publisher: Stand Up Staffer

Controlling My Kids With Comedy, A Love Story, is a collection of essays and poems about an unplanned father of three falling for fatherhood and working from home as host of the Do It All Dad Year Podcast to score laughs with his shadow banned jokes from Twitter. Teaching us how controlling our kids through comedy, can make our kids great again. His fuss free children are living proof of it.

Book Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Controlling My Kids With Comedy, A Love Story by Michael Kornbluth is an endearing compilation of various forms of literature that were presented with an impressive sense of humour.

I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would and ended up totally loving every bit of it! It is a short book which proved to be a very smooth read with brilliant writing accented with terrific comedy and endearing characters. The story told in pieces was excellent and had a really good sense of pacing and comic timing. I am really looking forward to reading author Kornbluth’s next book (which is already resting on my Kindle.)

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone who likes to read quality humour.

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Book Review: Tales of Adventure With Nap Lapkin by Lance Manion

Author: Lance Manion
Release Date: 17th September 2019
Genre: Cosy Mystery, Humour, Comedy, Short Story Collection
Edition: E-book
Pages: 156
Finally! All of the stories under one cover. Nap Lapkin, America’s top agent, respected and feared by every agency in Washington, is both a lover and fighter and so much more.
And less.
But mostly more.
There can be no argument that this is the funniest book ever written.
No argument whatsoever.



Tales of Adventure With Nap Lapkin by Lance Manion is a hilarious new book with a charming lead, who happens to be an agent, you will fall in love with! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book mostly because of the unique way it was written. The narration is in the second person and it completely blew my mind. The author’s sense of humour was out of the world and it made me chuckle more than a million times throughout this short and sweet book.

The lead character was very funny and I was able to form a connection with him right from the first story itself. I enjoyed all the story and surprisingly had no complaint from this book whatsoever. Again, the writing style is very unique and commendable and the author has done a brilliant job in keeping a tricky reader like me engaged throughout the book with the same level of interest I started reading this book. The stories were kind of cosies and I loved them all.

I’d highly recommend this book to all readers as you really can’t categorise such a good and read-worthy book.

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Book Review: The Slant Six by Christopher Cobb

Author: Christopher Cobb
Release Date: 18th July 2017
Genre: Science-Fiction

Edition: E-book (mobi)
Pages: 260
Publisher: Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.
The year is 2252 and Loman Phin is in trouble. A washed-up channelship racer turned freelancer, he hits pay dirt with his latest mission: a fortune is on the line if he can transport forty-three kilograms of human skin to a remote villa on Pluto’s moon, Nix. Little does he know his very life is at stake when he gets caught up in an ancient feud, chased by a space vampire, and forced into a death-race by the king of Ceres. Meanwhile, danger is always hot on his heels in the form of a massive space freighter out for Loman’s blood. With just his wits, his friends, and his beat-up cruiser, the Slant Six, Loman sets out on the most dangerous adventure of his life.



The Slant Six by Christopher Cobb is a unique new science-fiction book that is equal parts action and adventure.

I enjoyed this book as it was a perfect blend of sci-fi, action, adventure and humour. After the first few pages, I was hooked on to the story for good and enjoyed reading it right until the very end.

The overall characterization was good and the world-settings felt realistic. The writing was simple and easy to follow and the author’s sense of humour really shown through the entire story.

I’m not a fan of the book cover, but it does align with the central theme of the story.

I’d recommend this book to all sci-fi genre lovers.

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Book Review: Mr. Either/Or by Aaron Poochigian

Author: Jon Budd
Release Date: 10th October 2017
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Poetry, Humour
Edition: E-book
Pages: 184
Publisher: Etruscan Press

Rating: ★★★★+1/2


Aaron Poochigian’s Mr. Either/Or is an ingenious debut, a verse novel melding American mythology, noir thriller, and classical epic into gritty rhythms, foreboding overtones, and groovy jams surrounding the reader in a surreal atmosphere. Imagine Byron’s Don Juan on a high-stakes romp through a Raymond Chandler novel. Think Hamlet in Manhattan with a license to kill.


Mr. Either/Or by Aaron Poochigian is a remarkably unique book that will simply blow your mind!

Initially, when I started reading this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, but as I read a few pages and started getting in the flow of the writing I knew I was in for good. In spite of being written in the form of poetry, this book has all the elements that make is a complete fiction in every sense. It has a beautiful characterization adorning a dramatic storyline which is further complimented by humorous connotations,  along with some, as unusual it may seem, science-fiction details. As I said, it is a remarkably unique book.

The book is well written in the form of poetry with deliciously rhyming words and perfectly clear imagery. Moreover, beautiful characterization adorns the dramatic storyline which is further complimented by humorous connotations,  along with some, as unusual as it may seem, science-fiction details. As I said, it is a remarkably unique book.

I liked the lead characters, Zack Berzinski and Li-Ling, very much and enjoyed reading about them as well as other secondary characters as well.

Reading this book was a very enjoyable experience and I’d recommend this book to each and every reader who doesn’t want to miss out on an exceptional new book.

More from the author: Author Interview: Aaron Poochigian


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Novella Review: The Birth Of An American Gigolo by Deek Rhew

27825249Author: Deek Rhew
Release Date: January 19, 2016
Genre: Humor 
Edition: E-book (mobi)
Pages: 99
Publisher: Tenacious Books
Source: Publicist
Buy it here: Amazon

Rating: ★★★


An old party girl shoehorned into domestic divaship, infuriated by her husband’s cheating and his holier-than-thou, tree-hugging, no-tits and no-hips girlfriend, inflicts her wrath by training a local boy in the fine art of seduction. She and her new boy toy turned love god start a gigolo business as a distraction for the neglected and mistreated housewives of Alabaster Cove.


This book had a good storyline, but I guess it’s something that I’m not into (neither the genre nor the ideas and motivations expressed in the book.)

Being from the genre that I hardly ever read, I won’t be criticizing this book. Moreover, I’ve read some really good reviews for this book on Goodreads, so I’d say read this book if you have a little time to spare on a book that you might or might not like. I guess this is one of those books that you either like or you simply don’t.

The characters were one-dimensional and I wasn’t able to feel any real connection with anyone, as they felt rushed.

The little that I enjoyed the book was because it was a novella (only 99 pages) and had a unique story concept. All sense and logic left me around the first quarter of the book, but I kept on reading because I found the flow of the author’s writing quite smooth.

If you like this genre (or if you are a depressed lonely housewife) then you might enjoy this book, but it simply wasn’t for me.


Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 12.52.50 am


Other Things

Opening Line: Lindsey’s nose hairs curled as the odor from the bag on the floor assaulted her.

Highlights: Writing.

Lowlights: Story.

Final Thoughts: It wasn’t for me.

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Book Review: Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy by Pawan Mishra

27431418Author: Pawan Mishra
Release Date: November 4, 2015
Series: Those Who Remain Trilogy
Genre: Literary Fiction | Humor
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 230
Publisher: Lune Spark LLC
Source: Author
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Rating: ★★★★


Coinman, a junior level office worker in India, has a number of eccentricities. The laughingstock of the office, he finds no relief at home; his wife Imli, an obsessed actress, completely vanishes into each role. When tough bully, Hukum, beautiful enchantress, Tulsi, and the office sage, Ratiram, unite the office to conspire against Coinman, they have no inkling of an apocalypse looming inside the office.


I rarely read literary fiction but when I was presented with an opportunity to read Coinman I thought of giving this one a try as the author is a fellow Indian. Though initially I had a few reservations about reading it, this book turned out to be a really interesting one. Coinman is a really unique read about a man who is obsessed with jingling coins.

Author Pawan Mishra has done a great job writing about a character as bizarre as Coinman and that too with dollops of sarcastic and classy humor blending it brilliantly with the main conflict of the story.

Though I’m not a huge fan of literary fiction, this book was fairly good and I enjoyed reading it. At times, I was chuckling loudly making everyone around me uncomfortable… so you can imagine how much I enjoyed it.

This book cleverly explores the day-to-day problems, faced by people who are termed as different or socially awkward by the seemingly “normal” people or the people who proudly calls themselves as extroverts, with a fine layer of sarcasm and wit to make the reading a really pleasant experience. It also covers the issue of bullying, which, I’m sure, will make many heads nod.

Overall it is a brilliant read and I’d recommend it to everyone as there are a lot of other social themes which will appeal to the masses.

Other Stuff

Opening Line: It all began with high expectations.

Highlights: Storytelling and clever use of satire and wit.

Lowlights: None.

Final Thoughts: A very well written book.

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Book Review: McCall & Company: Workman’s Complication


Author: Rich Leder
Release Date: 7th September 2014
Series: McCall & Company
Genre: Mystery | Humor
Edition: mobi (Kindle)
Pages: 5448
Publisher: Laugh Riot Press
Source: Publicist
Buy it here: Amazon



Off-off-off-off Broadway actress Kate McCall inherits her father’s New York private investigations business after he’s a whole lot of murdered in a life insurance company elevator.

A concrete-carrying, ballroom-dancing construction mule says he fell off the scaffolding, can never work—or dance—again, and sues the contractor for a whole lot of money.

Kate assembles the eccentric tenants of her brownstone and her histrionic acting troupe to help her crack the cases, and they stir up a whole lot of trouble.

But not as much as Kate, who sticks her nose in the middle of the multi-million-dollar life-insurance scam her father was investigating and gets a whole lot of arrested for murdering a medical examiner.

Will Kate bust the insurance scam, prove who really killed the examiner—and her father—and get out of jail in time to pull off the ballroom sting of the decade? She might, but it’s going to be a whole lot of hilarious.





After I read the blurb and all the reviews of this story, I was really looking forward to reading this book. However no matter how much I tried, it didn’t click for me. I really like the overall story and Kate McCall, the main character, as a single mom, actress and fighting to pay her bills. Somehow after a few chapters, it was getting hard for me to really care about what will happen next. I think the only reason I did finish the book was due to the author writing style, but everything else fell flat for me.


Kate the main character was written truly well and you could feel her struggles and emotions as she takes her father’s job as a Private Investigator. I thought that the other characters in this story fell a bit short. But, Kate brought me till the end and I am happy that I was able to finish the story and enjoy Kate’s laughter and hurt.


I love that this book has it all. It has love, family, true emotions and tons of good humor.


The reason I did finish the book was due to the author writing style. I loved dialogs and the humor that Rich added all through the story. The author was able to keep the suspense throughout the entire book, but still kept it light for us to enjoy the story more.


The first third of the story was very slow and I did fought with it to continue reading, but as I got to know Kate more, I just really wanted to know even more about her and how she will deal with things. There were some bits of information that did not needed to be there that soon for Kate, but this confusion did not stopped me from reading.


I loved how the story ends, just as it started and for me the story ended with good closure of the whole story.

Cover Art:

The cover art is nice and fits the story, and it has the book feel in mind very well though.


The blurb is nicely written and hints of the mysteries to come, very well.

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Other Stuff

Opening Line: “It was harder to sing with the vampire teeth than I thought it would be.”

Highlights: For me the highlight of the story was the humor and Kate, both kept me reading and enjoying the overall story.

Lowlights: For me the other characters in the book, even Kate’s son all fell flat and I just didn’t care about them much. There were a few bits in the story that didn’t add up with the cases Kate worked on, but Kate’s true nature kept me hooked to the story.

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed reading the story and I might come back to it in some other time. It was a weird mixture of things, but by the end of the book I realized I did enjoy reading it.

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