Hello friends, this week’s prompt is Lemon. And the theme is ‘text and type’. As I love sketching textures, I decided to do a simple piece for my first post. I haven’t even doodled since December’13 and so this is more like a warm-up. I hope you’ll like my work and do not forget to share yours with me.

Thanks Spoonflower for making me get off my ass and start drawing 🙂

Basic Sketch


Have a great day!


Spoonchallenge: A Month Of Drawing

Hello friends and bloggers! Yesterday was Raksha Bandhan but I spent most of my day sleeping as I had a severe headache. I was feeling a bit low (God knows why!) so I thought of doing something special for myself (Yes, I do believe in keeping myself happy.) That’s why today I went ahead and dug in the blogs that I truly adore and through and through I came across a new blog Spoonflower. It’s a creative blog for people who adore art. The folks at Spoonflower host a creative challenge called SpoonChallenge: A Month Of Drawing. This challenge is super fun as the folks at spoonflower gives the topics and the participants are supposed to draw that, in any interpreted form.

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I love drawing (if not, you can read about it here: Rediscovering My Love Of Drawing). I’m not a pro in drawing but some of the sketches really inspired me. And after a lot of struggle I’m finally over “what others will say about my drawing!” So I’m taking part in this beautiful challenge starting tomorrow. I’ll be posting my drawing here and I really hope that you all like them. I’m taking part in this challenge for fun and because sketching is my way of calming my mind.

If you also love doodling then join me in this fun challenge.

If you also participate, don’t forget to share it with me and also I’d love to see your drawings, so share the links to your posts in the comments section 🙂

Have a great day!


Rediscovering My Love of Drawing

My love for drawing started when I was a year old. I started by scribbling on the walls and floors. As I grew I started to use drawing books, pencils, crayons, sketch pens and then finally brushes and paints. By the time I was in 5th grade, everyone used to think I’ll also be an artist like my real aunt. But as time passed studies took over the creative side of me. But still I used to draw as and when possible. I never took any classes or tuitions for it, but I drew cause I loved to.

Then years passed and at the age of 16, sadly my parents got divorced. Well for me that was the end of a lot of things I loved, drawing and sketching being one of them. I started hating drawing (may be because it was somehow related to my dad and as I was with my mom and step-father, missing him was out of question). It wasn’t like I never gave it a try, I did but my drawing started to look horrible! And I hated it.