Graphic Novel Review: Sticky Icky Vicky by by Alysia Ssentamu and Michael Ssentamu

Book Details: Author: Alysia Ssentamu & Michael SsentamuIllustrator: Noor Alshalabi Release Date: 19th October 2019Genre: Children’s FictionSeries: Format: E-book Pages: 38 pagesPublisher: –Blurb:Meet Sticky Icky Vicky, a girl who wants to get over her fear—once and for allIn Courage over Fear, the first book in the Sticky Icky Vicky™ series, authors Alysia and Michael Ssentamu introduce readers to Vicky, a…

Book Spotlight: 50 States by Richard R. Becker

Welcome to TRB Lounge. Today, we are featuring author Richard R. Becker for his novel 50 States: A Collection Of Short Short Stories. 50 States: A Collection Of Short Short Stories Book: 50 States: A Collection Of Short Short StoriesAuthor: Richard R. BeckerPage Count: 358Publication Date (Print): 6.21.21Publication Date (Digital): 7.21.21Genre: Short Story, Literary Fiction…

Book Review: Tiny Yellow Hat by J. Michael Chamberlain

Book Details: Author: J. Michael ChamberlainRelease Date: 13th April 2019Genre: Memoir, Non-Fiction, HumorSeries: Format: E-book Pages: 202 pagesPublisher: Quinn-Hill PublisherBlurb:This wildly entertaining book is laced with wicked concepts, cheap shots and a few bright ideas; a feast of funny words and clever notions without once mentioning vampires or zombies. J. M. Chamberlain created the perfect blend of madcap rants…

ARC Review: What Lurks In The Woods – Struggle and Hope in the Midst of Chronic Illness by Nicole Bell

Book Details: Author: Nicole Bell Release Date: 23rd October 2021Genre: Memoir, Non-FictionSeries: Format: E-book Pages: 250 pagesPublisher: –Blurb:Russ and Nicole Bell were an upwardly mobile happy couple: two kids, big house, fun hobbies, marvelous life. But something wasn’t quite right—with Russ. He started forgetting things, he got lost, he became enraged, he was harsh with the kids. And he could…


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