Online Gaming: Then (1990’s) and Now (2021)

I remember the time when I was a kid stuck to playing only with my video game console (Nintendo) but my elder cousins, the “cooler” ones at least, playing games on their new computer sets. Yes, I belong to the era when computers just made their big appearance. And whenever I’d tell them to move away from he screens because even I wanted to play their online games, which was only fair as they always played on my console ALL THE TIME! They’d be very, very reluctant. And I soon found out why.

My first online game was of course, Mario bros. Initially I had some problem getting used tot he arrow keys and the chunky spacebar instead of my remote control, but pretty soon I got the hang of it. My next favourite, and something that I still love, was Tetris.

Since then the gaming world has evolved so much that even a sci-fi book couldn’t have predicted. And the consoling system changed entirely because of the entrance of Sony’s Play Stations, something I own myself (PS4) and X-Boxes. But through all this evolution, something else evolved too – online gaming, yet at the same time, somehow miraculously it offers the grace and the nostalgia that keeps me turning back to them again and again.

Thankfully, even today, Tetris is one game (among many others like Contra and Tank) that I can still play with the simplicity of the 1990’s.

This is one of the places I get my fix of online games these days:

If you also love online gaming, then do share your views and platforms of your preference in the comments section below.

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