Beta Reading


Beta Reading provides an in-depth insight into your novel. It will identify the areas in your novel that need improvement. It will be returned to you in the form of a digital* Beta Report in PDF format. In this report, I’ll including the elements listed below.

  • Reader’s opinion and plight – As a reader how I find the book.
  • Writer’s opinion – As a writer how I find your book.
  • Questions that come to me while reading segments of the manuscript.
  • Constructive feedback on the narration style and perspectives used.
  • Analysis of all the general elements – Plot, characterization, pacing, exposition, world-building, dialogue, conflicts, etc.
  • Detailed segment analysis (I’ll be dividing the manuscript into 4 or 6 segments and provide detailed feedback particularly for each and every segment.)
  • Positives and negatives that stand out/come across while reading each chapter.
  • Story progression and predictability.

I always keep an eye out for :

  • Plot holes
  • POV/narration slips
  • Discontinuity
  • Unnatural or wrong scene breaks
  • Over/under descriptions
  • Loose ends

I will also provide a detailed report on the possible weakness and strengths in your writing in order to help you improve in specific areas.

*If you need a physical beta report, you'll have to pay for the shipping.

Cost: Please refer to the Cost Sheet.

Please read my Client Guide before scheduling.

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