Rating Criteria

Our rating system is pretty simple and as per our own guidelines. Our reviews are never affected by any other factors, or for that matter, someone else’s opinion. If we loved a book that is otherwise not a best seller, we would still give it 4 or 5 stars (accordingly.) On the other hand, if we have a best-selling book that we did not enjoy, we really won’t hesitate giving it 1 or 2 stars.

We would appreciate if you respect our opinions and views for all the books we review. But at the same time, we respect and value your opinions and suggestions 🙂

Here’s our rating system:


FTC Disclaimer

We do not accept any form of payment for the reviews we write or the other content we post. Books received from Authors & Publishers are designated as such. Receiving books from Authors/Publishers, in no way, affects our review, as it is our own opinion.


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