Novel critique

Q. What genres do you accept/prefer?
A. Being a fiction writer and a reader of all genres, I accept almost all the genres except Non-Fiction, Erotica, Fan Fiction and Historical Fiction.
The genres that I prefer and absolutely enjoy reading are Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Apocalyptic, Post-Apocalyptic, Science-Fiction, Fantasy (High and Epic both), Young Adult, Horror, Dark, Dystopia, Supernatural, Paranormal, etc.
I prefer to know the detailed summary before accepting these particular genres- Romance, Literary Fiction, Chic Lit, Women’s Literature and other similar genres

Q. Is there any criteria to request a critique?
A. Yes, I prefer to critique only finished manuscripts. This ensures better results for the clients. Rest of the things are covered in my Client Guide for further details.

Q. How long do you take to critique a novel?
A. t depends on how long the novel is, but mostly I take 45 weekdays  (give or take) to critique one novel. It might seem a lot to some, but the truth is being an author myself I can only work 2 hours per day on critiquing other’s work and rushing is not something I believe in. I take my time  to ensure that I give my 100% to each and every project I undertake.

Q. Do you accept books from first-time authors?
A. Yes, I do.

Q. How do you prefer to converse with the authors?
A. I strictly prefer to have all the conversations through e-mails only. I do not accept phone calls because of a number of obvious reasons.

Q. Do you accept incomplete projects?
A. No, I do not accept incomplete or half-completed projects. I don’t even encourage it because as an author I know that a book is only complete once the author decided to let it be. If you give me an incomplete book for critiquing, and after my critiques you decide to change the content, then the critique will be wasted and as will be your money. So I highly recommend that please make sure that your book is the final manuscript before you submit it to me.

For scheduling and payment details kindly refer to my Client Guide.