Client Guide

Please make sure to read this entire page carefully before scheduling a Novel Critique or Book Review


Novel Critique – I prefer to schedule the critiques on payment basis. I’ll schedule your 45-days slot on the closest date available, but only after I receive the advance payment because cancellation due to non-payment wastes a lot of precious time. Once scheduled, I’ll let you know the exact date when you’ll receive my critique report.
If you want to change the scheduled date for any reason, we can always work it out.

TurnAround Time

Novel Critique – 25-45 working days depending upon the length of the novel and my availability.


I accept payments through Paypal (international clients) and Online Bank Transfer (Indian clients.)

Novel Critique – I take 50% advance before starting the work and the rest 50% before delivering the Critique Report.

Takeaways for you

Novel Critique – After I critique your novel, it’ll be submission-ready, free of technical errors, plot holes proof and your chances of getting approved by publishing houses increases drastically.
If you want to self-publish, then after the critique you can rest assured that your manuscript would be ready for  professional editing.

Are you ready to schedule? You can book a Novel Critique here.