Paid Book Reviews


Being a traditionally published author, my time is literally money and as someone who’s reviewed books for last 2 years I know how much time-consuming book reviewing can be, so after a lot of thought I’ve decided to charge a fee for my reviews. Mostly because the time I invest in reading your books = the time I won’t be working on my books.

So please bear in mind that I’m not being paid for positive reviews.

Having read and reviewed more than 200 books already I use my experience in reviewing and story-writing to write in-depth and well-structured reviews focusing on the main aspects of the book – Plot, Characters, Writing, Beginning, Ending, Middle, Pacing, Cover Art and Synopsis. My reviews provide a peek into the core of the story along with detailed positives and negatives (if there are any glaring ones) in the stories.
I post these reviews on my Blog – The Reading Bud (3500+ followers), Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Nobel.
I also share the links to the review on my Facebook (1300+ followers), Twitter (1800+ followers), Instagram (800+ followers) and other platforms such as LinkedIn, Google+ and Reddit.

Though I do post unpaid book reviews on my blog, these reviews are not done by me – they’re done by my Review Contributors. Here’s a small table clarifying how paid and free reviews differ:

Paid Reviews Vs Reviews On Request:

Features Paid Book Review Reviews On Request (Free Review)
Reviewed by Author Heena Rathore P. Review Contributors
Cost Please refer to Cost Sheet None
Priority High Low
Delivery Time 7-10 days 3-6 months
Platforms 5 platforms 2 platforms
Revisions 1 None

Needless to say, paid book reviews have numerous unbeatable advantages over the free ones the most important one being the turnaround time. I already do paid reviews for Websites, Magazines, and Universities along with a handful of individual clients ( both authors and publishers.)

Please refer to the FAQs if you have any questions, and Cost Sheet to get an idea of how I charge per book.

Ready to schedule a paid book review for your novel? Contact me.

Please read my Review Policy for the free book reviews.

As a reviewer, if I am paid for the reviews it is only because I cannot afford to my lose my precious time over other’s books when I have to write my own. All reviews are based on my own opinions and are not influenced by the author, publisher or publicist who pays for the reviews.