Book Review: Rosetta Gnome by Ashley Parker Owens

Book Details: Author: Ashley Parker OwensRelease Date: 7th October 2021Genre: Fantasy, Dystopia, Speculative Series: Format: E-book Pages: 334 pagesPublisher: Blurb:In the fight for freedom, a reluctant and unprepared leader faces agonizing choices that will seal the fate of his family—and his heart—in this captivating fantasy adventure.Simple gnome gardener Wil and his faithful rabbit companion Roddy flee the devastation of…

ARC Review: Below Torrential Hill by Jonathan Koven

Book Details: Author: Jonathan KovenRelease Date: 3rd December 2021Genre: Coming Of Age, Contemporary Fiction, Magic RealismSeries:Format: E-book Pages: 190 pagesPublisher: Electric EclecticBlurb:It’s Christmas, and strange occurrences are plaguing the small town of Torrential Hill: a supernatural comet, undead insects, exploding streetlights, and a presence luring people into the woods. But when the mother of Tristen—a wistful, fatherless sixteen-year-old boy—hears…

Book Review: The E.Q. Revolution – Mastering Your Emotional Heart-Print by Michael Vincent Moore

Book Details: Author: Michael Vincent MooreRelease Date: 10th October 2021Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-HelpSeries: The E.Q. Revolution (Book #2)Format: E-book Pages: 333 pagesPublisher: Blurb:“Wake yourself up, get to know who you truly are, and follow a path to become part of a new revolution, the greatest one!”Reclaim your authentic self, increase love to a life of meaning and purpose, and stop endless cycles…

Author Interview: Adesina Brown

Welcome to TRB Lounge. Today, I’d like to welcome author Adesina Brown, from Atmosphere Press, for an author interview with The Reading Bud. About The Author Adesina Brown Adesina Brown is a queer, non-binary author who centers QTPOC in all their work. They have been previously published in Rigorous Magazine, Coffee People Zine, and more, and their debut…


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