Ten Books I Want To Reread

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by the awesome authors of The Broke and the Bookish.

Today’s topic is:

Ten Books/Series I Want To Reread:

  1. The HobbitThe-Hobbit-flat-cover

  2. Lord Of The Ring SeriesLOTR_book_covers

  3. A Song Of Ice And Fire SeriesA_Game_of_Thrones_Novel_Covers

  4. Hunger Games SeriesHUNGER-GAMES-COVERS_510

  5. Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Series????????

  6. Twilight Seriestwilight

  7. The Clifton Chronicles1394651071

  8. Da Vinci Coden56931

  9. All Nicholas Sparks Books 91Gr+GkbA8L

  10. All Sidney Sheldon BooksSidney Sheldon Books

What all books do you want to re-read? Share your list in the comments below!


25 thoughts on “Ten Books I Want To Reread

  1. Having been more than three decades since reading “The Hobbit”, I think it would be on my list. I would also like to re-read the “Earth’s Children” series by Jean M. Auel.

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  2. Great selection, Heena. Aside from the books you’ve mentioned, I’d like to re-read Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke. It’s going to be made into a mini-series and I’d like to reread it before the series airs.

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  3. This is a great list! I would also love to reread the Hunger games and the Hobbit again (that one I can read over and over) ! I’m sure that once I’ve acutally finished the Lord of the Rings series that it is something I would want to reread, but it’s probably gonna be a while before I have worked through them. It’s been a while since I’ve last read Twilight, but I remember reading the book over and over!

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    1. Thanks a lot Bregje!
      Yea, you’ll definitely feel like reading LOTR again and again!
      I love how some books never seem to loose their spark, whether you re-read them a thousand times! 🙂


  4. Nice list! I have to read the Lord of the Rings! Some how I’ve read the Hobbit many times, but never LOTR. I’d like to reread A Song of Fire and Ice when the new book comes out, but with my blog that’s quite the time commitment. Maybe I’ll just read the characters I like. 😉


    1. Thanks Molly! Hahahah! yea, you can do that! I’m a huge fan of LOTR and ASOIAF and I’m planning on re-reading ASOIAF before the release of Winds Of Winter 🙂
      I agree and understand that with the blogs and all it gets quite tiring!


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